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About Me

Nationality: Swedish

I've lived 13 years abroad but in 2008 I moved back to Sweden. I work in Denmark and Wille lives half his life in Sweden with me and the other half with his mom in Denmark.

These pages will mostly be about shooting. My shooting career started in 1984 when my best friend thought he had found a way to beat me. He was upset that he had better grades but always lost in anything physical, he had been shooting for 2 years and thought he had found a way to beat me in a sport. After 4 tries with the air rifle it was time for the 1984 Stockholm 10m Junior Air Rifle Championship. I shot a good match and went to the final where I finished 4th. My friend did not and was upset. We remained friends but it bugged him a lot until he found a "sport" where he won...chess.

My air rifle days were numbered and it wasn't until 1990 when I had to do my mandatory military service that I had contact with a weapon again. In the service I shoot as much as I could and took all the shooting service medals that was available. I excelled at shooting and really liked being in front of the pack. In 1991 my service days was over and I went to Colorado to study. I bought my first handgun, a Baretta 92FS. Mel had one in Lethal Weapon and it look cool, that was all I need to know. Thinking back it’s a wonder that I ever hit any of the 15kg (30lbs) watermelons that often acted targets. I also had a Marlin .22 rifle and a Colt Government Officers ACP and the only one that I hit anything really well with was the Marlin.

In 1992 back in Sweden again a colleague and I had a go with serious .22 bullseye shooting and I've never had my butt kick that hard before, he hit the target and I didn't. I found out how my friend from -84 must have felt. My working hours and the fact that I sucked stopped my career again. It was not until I moved to Denmark in 1999 that my working hours once again allowed me to start shooting. Like so many others in Denmark shooting starts with the internationally unheard of 15 m indoor bullsye pistol. I had once again found my form from -84 and quickly found myself in the front of the pack. My shooting evolved to different calibers and disciplines. It's now that I for the first time in my life start to shoot 9mm seriously. The chairman of my club was so nice to lend me one of his spare guns an Infinity 9x19. I didn't know it then but have become aware of how lucky I was to start shooting with the best of the best.

In April 2003 after much persuasion I took my IPSC license and my first thought after gaining my license was "why didn't I know abut this when I was 18?" it was by far the most fun I had experienced on a range and I had some talent. That talent will be exploited to max as I now train hard with the goal of climbing as many podiums as I possibly can.



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