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Its not very big but it only contain the best!

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All about me

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Team Infinity

Proud member of Team Infinity.


I'm very fortunate to be able to use the best of the best, thank You my sponsors. If you want your logo here please contact me.

Gunbuilder 101

Buying the best handgun in the world can be a complex but rewarding affair, click here to find out how you do.

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Team Infinity
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My Firearms

I'm fortunate to use the best possible equipment, which is leaves it all up to me to deliver the results. Its rewarding as I don't have to spent energy on contemplating if I have the right equipemnt. I can focus on matching its potential.


Infinity 5.4" Sight Tracker

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.40 S&W

Infinity government Sight Tracker

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Standard - Major

.40 S&W & 9x19

Infinity IMM Open

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Standard - Major

9x19 Major


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Description: Custom Airsoft built by Elite Shooting Centre - UK

Infinity 5.4" Classic
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Description: Classic to the max

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