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Infinity Gunbuilder II

All Infinity pistols are born via the Gunbuilder web design tool. If you think you can visit the factory to see finished guns you'll travel in vain, there is no gun room full of finished pistols. As soon as a pistol has passed quality control it is out the door on the way to the awaiting customer.

My job in supporting Infinity Fireamrs is by helping customers in working with Gunbuilder and to make sure that he/she get what they want. Based on the questions encountered and that the Gunbuilder can be intimidating I've designed these unofficial pages so you can in your own pace go through the most common options.

There is no limit to the options at your disposal, its only a question of time and money. If you'd like pink elephants engraved on your slide, you can have it... if you are willing to pay for it. If you want every part in titanium (apart from barrel and springs) you can have it.. but you should have won the lotto first...Titanium is 20-30 times more expensive than steel.

The gunbuilding process

If you don't have an account you need to follow the instructions on the screen and create one. Once that is done you login and start the process by selecting what type of gun you want.


Gun Types

Select the template you wish to use for your gun design.

  • Single Stack
    • 1911 5.4 inch Length Pistol - Single Stack
    • 1911 Commander Length Single Stack
    • 1911 Govt. Length Pistol - Single Stack
    • 1911 Officer Length - Single Stack
    • 1911 Six inch PPC Masterpiece - Single Stack
    • IDPA Pistol - Single Stack
    • Infinity Sight Tracker Govt Length - Single Stack
    • NRA Bullseye Pistol - Single Stack
    • Team Infinity Single Stack Gun - Strayer Signature Series
    • Tiki Pistol Stainless - Single Stack
    • Tiki Pistol Carbon Steel - Single Stack
    • Tiki Pistol Titanium - Single Stack
  • Wide Body
    • Commander Pistol - Wide Body
      Govt Pistol - Wide Body
      IDPA Pistol Govt Length - Wide Body
      IMM Open Pistol - Wide Body
      Infinity Sight Tracker Govt Length - Wide Body
      Infinity Sight Tracker Six inch - Wide Body
      Infinity Six inch - Wide Body
      NRA Bullseye Pistol - Wide Body
      Officer Pistol - Wide Body
      Team Infinity 6in Limited Gun - Strayer Signature Series
      Team Infinity IMM Open Gun - Strayer Signature Series
      USPSA/IPSC Limited/Standard 5.4 inch Pistol

I will focus this guide on the Infinity Sight Tracker Gov Lenght - Wide Body. Adding comments specific for the most common designs i.e Open, Single Stack (classic) and the new 5.4 inch super standard gun.

Once the template is selected you'll have to enter some information.

Your name for this design:
SVI Design Template Name: Infinity Sight Tracker Govt Length - Wide Body
Template Description: Limited or Standard Class Pistol

Enter the name of the design - This is not the serial number of you gun it is just a name used in gunbuilder. Below that will your desing template and description will be displayed. This is useful information later on and espeically if you design several guns or spend a long time completing your design.



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