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Infinity Magazines are the best in the business, I have been tuning mine sine 2005 and here I'll share what I do

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Infinity Magazines

Dalmas Custom Infinity Magazines.


I've been tuning my own mags since returning home from the 2005 World Shoot. I will only use original Infinity parts but they do not make springs so I will try any spring on the market. I've had 19+1 in .40 S&W since the start and as of 2009 I also have a 19 reloadable.


Some still use the plastic follower so here is how I cut the follower, I have had no reliability problems with this setup.

Dalmas custom Infinity follower


follower in the mag

This is the maximum a follower can be cut without disturbing the slide's motion. I bend the last coil of the spring to the left, to make sure that the follower stay below the lips of the magazine.

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To increase the nose power on the spring I do the "Enos Curve" on all my springs and have so since I read about it in 2004. I take my Letherman and bend the last of the narrow coils upwards slightly. This is the Dalmas extreme in progress...

follower 4
Last I polish the follower to make sure there is minimum friction for that 19+1 round.

If you have this logo on your Infinity magazines you are the lucky owner of the new generations Infinity magazines.

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Left is the new +2 IPSC base pad. middle is the 4mm stainless and right is the 3mm alu basepad.

With the new low mounted Infinity sights there is no problem getting the new +2 pad into the IPSC box, with Bo-Mar sights it depend on the box, and sadly there are many crap boxes out there. I would arbitrate the one used in EEO if it came down to my gun not fitting their crooked box.

The New Infinity Ultra-Capacity Aluminum follwer.

This is an evlution of the Dalmas follower and it gives the same capacity as my ultra slim plastic follwer but will last longer and has less friction.







124mm - .40 S&W - 19 rounds.
Infinity 124mm tube. +2 basepad and .40 S&W Dalmas tuned follower. The amount of coils is yours to count, we all do if different. This mag is 19. Every tube is individual so even if one is reloadable the next tube might not be. I never do anything with the tubes, I don't feel that I know enough to start playing with tubes.

170mm - 9x19 - 30 rounds.

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This is the new Infinity Signature tuned magazines, they are slightly larger than the old ones. With the 9mm (blue) follower it will run 29 rounds but with a cut and tuned blue follower round 29 will jam next to the follower when passing the bottom of the impress. With a tuned and cut .40 follower that problem is fixed and running 30 rounds is no problem, although not reloadable. This setup is not fully tested yet, I haven't had them long enough to fully test them. The basepad is the 3mm aluminium ones, It is exactly 170mm.

I also have a 170mm .40 tube, that I run in 9x19. it holds 30 rounds and is reloadable with ease. It has been match proven during appalling weather conditions, so I fully trust it to be reliable. The impress on the .40 magazine is not as deep as on the 9mm tubes, this is an advantage when pressing 30 round into the magazine. I will try to make this mag 31....


140mm - 38/9 - 24 rounds.

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This is the new Signature Series 140mm 38/9 mm magazines. I shot 9x19 and this will run 24 rounds with both a blue and red follower, but I like the red better so I'll run it red. The basepad is the 4mm stainless steel one, I really like them better than the aluminium ones.

140mm 38/9mm - 23 rounds.


I have not had these tubes long enough to say that my tuning is 100% reliable but running them with the original setup probably is. With a full length spring and standard blue follower this mag hold 23 ultra reliable rounds.


124 mm - 38/9 - 21 rounds. New Strayer Signature tubes give 22 rounds

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This tube is over 15 years old and has a lot of rounds through it and still could sell as new! The setup in the picture is IPSC box legal, even with high mounted Bo-Mar sights and will reload 21. I have 4 tubes that all are 10 year or older, one of them hold 22 rounds and will fit the box.

The new Strayer Signature magazines hold 22 easier.







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