Tips and trick on how to to maintain your Infinity

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You have bought the best 1911 in the world, but although expensive it does need maintenance and it is mechanical object working under extreme stress so parts may break. On these pages I'll share my experiences from 14 years of owning several Infinity firearms. I've also visited the factory on numerous occations in a effort to learn more in order to give the customers in my area and on the web the best possible service.

Infinity Firearms are not like other 1911s, they are more advanced and are produced from better raw materials. I will produce a series of videos on how to best maintain and service you pistol without breaking any parts. These videos are based on my personal experience and may not be the only or the official way. However they have keep my guns running for over 14 yeras so if they work for me they most likely will work for you as well.

Before doing any maintenance you MUST veryify that the gun is EMPTY.


Safety Removal

Infinity are constantly improving their product and it can at time be difficult to keep up with all the new desing features and improvements. The pins connecting the two blades have been given a dovetail to prevent it from movement during normal use. This is good but if you don't know how to break the dovetail "lock" you may end up damaging your firearm when you start applying more and more force.. The below video illustrate how I do it without damaging my firearm. To remove the safety you need a few tools, this is what I use.

1 - small hex key - that I have coted with rubber not to scratch the rails.

1 - smaller hex key - files and polished into a wedge

1 - rubber hammer or such.


Infinity Rear Sight.

Infinity uses a threaded pin to keep the sight together, this is contrary to most other sigths out there. Thus if you hit it you will strip the verly vounerable treads and it will travle out during shooitng. You should apply Locktite and screw the pin back in place.

You need a .050" allen/hex key to put the "pin" back in place, remeber to use Loctite.


Disassembly (Complete)

This video is made so you can disassemble your firearm without damaging any parts. If you are not familiar with how to correctly take your Infinity apart this is the video for you.



This video is made to assist you in learning how to assemble your Infinity correctly. I've been shooting Infnity since 1999 and as a team member since 2006. I have in major competiontis (3 WS, 3 Europeans & 3 US Nationals) not had any firearm related malfunctions, so you could say it works.


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